PBL 2 session 2

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PBL 2 session 2 by Mind Map: PBL 2 session 2

1. Step 8

1.1. Diagnostic decision

1.1.1. khaled mylomengiocele and hydrocephalus

1.1.2. noura epilepsy (juvenile myclonic epilepsy)

1.2. Mechanism

1.2.1. khaled mothers medication induced mylo.

1.2.2. noura idiopathic

1.3. Presentation

1.3.1. khaled came with mother with motor impairment and incontenince

1.3.2. noura presented with a concern of epilepsy episode

1.4. Supporting data

1.4.1. physical and history and low serum thereputic level for noura plus the EEG

1.5. 10 minutes

2. Step 6

2.1. Review session 1

2.2. Report new knowledge

2.2.1. understanding CNS development

2.2.2. spinal bifida (mylomeningiocele) cause manifestations complications (hydrocephalus?)

2.2.3. epilepsy does medications completly prevent seizures? effects on pregnancy effects of epilepsy drugs on pregnancy

2.2.4. CSF circulation physiology and hyrocephalus

2.2.5. pictures 1 Early development manifestations mylomeningiocele CSF circulation physiology and hyrocephalus Primary vesicles

2.3. 30 minutes

2.3.1. The scribe does not have to write in this step!

3. Step 7

3.1. Inquiry plan and info gathering

3.1.1. History of presenting complain khaled vaginal delivery at 38 w getation normal weight required bag mask (relived in ten minutes) head circumfrence 33 increased to 37 on day 14 dialated ventricles on CT in day 2 was put on antibiotic day 3 went to surgery suture line seperated increased intracranial presure noura

3.1.2. Previous medical / surgical history had seizure since ten juvineile myocloinic epilepsy wasnt compliant due to side effects ob history vaginal bleeding

3.1.3. Drug history / allergy was

3.1.4. Family history maternal uncle had abcense seizures

3.1.5. Social / occupational history non smoker

3.1.6. Systemic review normal

3.1.7. Physical examination KHALED ay birth MYLOMENGIOCELE afebrile head circumfrence 33 normal neurological exam in upper limbs but abnorlam in lower with incontinence meconium illeius khaled present head cir. 37 normal movment in lower limbs with decreased tone noura normal

3.1.8. tests results serum valprate low EEG had epileptic charges indicating sezure last night

3.2. 50 minutes