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Reallocate money to youth departments

Free participation to events

Project trainings

Funding information services

EVS/Youth in Action

Easy project money (Micro-projects, SMS Project)


Intergenerational dialogue!

Stereotype breaking happenings

Voluntary work

Tolerance trips

Coffe with politicians, parents, teachers

Increase intercultural experiences


Common website for the BSR

Best-practice database and exchanges

Youth news!

Project calls

Virtual meeting spaces

Youth Centre as a knowledge hub

Media coverage of youth activities

Regular meetings with decision makers - Skypecast;)

Youth NGO round tables

Breaking stereotypes!

Tolerance trips as best example projects

Intercultural learning

Intercultrural-international-minortity involving performance group

International evenings (cooking, cultural events, international disco, national sports)

BSR biciycle tour

Environment! (as a common interest in the BSR?)

International environmental training

Environmental hike throught the BSR

Environmental actions


Consumer actions

Build a wind-powerplant

Clean the forests!


Youth houses

Youth centre reform

y-y concelling


Schools must not kill creativity!

Create participation habits from early ages

Teacher exchanges

Involve youth in curriculum building

Realise dreams - don't kill them!

Do not punish initiative and debate

School council participation

Students on school boards


Decision makers

Youth training politicians

Shadowing day

Dialogue (internet or other ways)

Round tables, coffee with politicians

Youth networks representatives in BIG networks committees and boards

Speed dating decision makers


Involve youth in the planning process, Youth Parliaments should be mandatory!, Youth Parliament representatives in the city councils committees and meetings

Allow freedom of expression

Tolerate some noise

Ballparks actually are for playing ball!

Free transport (at least to school)

Graffity is an artform, have an exibition and find out!

Youth vote @ 16 @ local elections

Youth policy

YP is for the youth and they must be involved in forming it

LYC work for (and with) the youth, not vice versa

YP should be integrated with all other policy levels

Youth actions must be interesting for the youth, not only the youth workers

LYC should be visible and accessible for the youth

Youth Ombudsman

Leisure time!

NGO offers activities

Summer Camps

International sport games

Youth theatre

Multicultural events