Joe Sutherland

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Joe Sutherland by Mind Map: Joe Sutherland

1. Religion

1.1. Attend Mass Weekly

1.2. Attend Reconciliation

1.3. Become involved with Catholic Gators

1.3.1. Alpha Retreat

1.4. Bible Study

1.4.1. CRU?

1.4.2. Catholic vs. Christian Bible

1.5. youth minister?

1.5.1. talk to terry schlitt

1.5.2. Richard Schlitt

1.5.3. Conferences?

1.6. sign up for both YOAM mission trips

1.6.1. how can i help yoam?

1.6.2. Need Money

2. Athletics

2.1. rowdy reptiles

2.1.1. Football Attend all home games attend an away game get kickass seats at least once

2.1.2. go to lots of sporting events! Volleyball Basketball soccer Swimming Trevor?

2.2. Gym

2.2.1. Leg work outs for Jumping

2.2.2. work injured shoulder

2.2.3. 6:45 mile

2.2.4. develop a work out schedul

2.3. Ultimate

2.3.1. Florida Ultimate Make the A team find money for season

2.3.2. Club Frisbee Get a bid to regionals

2.3.3. Rec Frisbee Catholic Gators

2.3.4. personal goals work on vert acceptable 40 time hucking know the rules

3. Involvement

3.1. Work

3.1.1. where should i apply? ask dana O dome

3.1.2. when should i apply if i want to work spring?

3.2. Clubs

3.2.1. Get involved in new clubs music? Sailing? DM staff

3.2.2. Sign up for TRiP in the spring

3.2.3. FAB Winter trip? find a friend?

4. Academics

4.1. Engineering

4.1.1. Research or Intern? Apply where? talk to people i know who have experience

4.1.2. Take intro to eng. ASAP

4.1.3. Take at least one crit. tracking course/semester

4.2. Explore Dual Major Possibilities

4.2.1. business?

4.2.2. management

4.2.3. Global?

4.2.4. leadership?

4.2.5. Religion?

4.3. Establish a study schedule

4.3.1. find more than one study spot

4.3.2. find a study group chem calc

4.3.3. Good study habits that work for me

4.4. High GPA