7 Aspects of Civilization

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7 Aspects of Civilization by Mind Map: 7 Aspects of Civilization

1. Egypt

1.1. Paintings were very colorful

1.2. Hieroglyphics was their main form of writing

1.3. Used math and science to improve their lives

1.4. Paintings were based on daily events

2. Geography and Agriculrure

2.1. Indus Valley

2.1.1. Harappa and Mohenjo Daro are two of the largest cities

2.1.2. Streets ran in a grid pattern

2.1.3. Major avenues were twice as wide as minor streets

2.1.4. Each city had wells

2.2. Egypt

2.2.1. Rich Soil found in the Nile Delta

2.2.2. Nile River helped prevent invasions

2.2.3. Floods occurred every year

2.2.4. No one could live in the area without the Nile's water

2.3. Egypt

3. Religion

3.1. Indus Valley

3.1.1. Prayed to a single eternal spirit

3.1.2. Indra ruled over Heaven

3.1.3. Fire sacrifices

3.1.4. Chanting of sacred hymens

3.2. Egypt

3.2.1. Believed in the afterlife

3.2.2. Built Temples to honor Gods

3.2.3. They worshiped hundreds of Gods

3.2.4. Believed Gods controlled all natural events

4. Social Structure and Family

4.1. Egypt

4.1.1. Egyptian society was highly layered

4.1.2. Egyptians owned slaves for labor

4.1.3. Women took care of the home

4.1.4. Children rarely got eductaed

4.2. Indus Valley

4.2.1. Streets ran in a grid pattern

4.2.2. Used wells for water

4.2.3. Men did physical labor, women stayed home.

4.2.4. domesticated certain crops

5. Government and Leaders

5.1. Egypt

5.1.1. Leader Ramses had a large aremy

5.1.2. Rulers were often seen as gods

5.1.3. The Pharoh had great political power

5.1.4. The Pharoh was a dictator

5.2. Indus Valley

5.2.1. Priests had large impacts on the government.

5.2.2. Laws were based off of religious beliefs.

5.2.3. Indus Valley was a monarchy.

5.2.4. Priests controlled the city.

6. Science and Technology

6.1. Egypt

6.1.1. Doctors prescribed basic hygiene

6.1.2. Masters of human anatomy

6.1.3. building pyramids also required good engineering

6.1.4. Made basic medicine from plants

6.2. Indus Valley

6.2.1. Mixed copper and tin to make bronze

6.2.2. Used cotton to make clothes

6.2.3. made bullock carts

6.2.4. made razors, saws, hammers, fish hooks and axes

7. Arts and Education

7.1. Egypt

7.1.1. Paintings were vibrant with colors

7.1.2. Paintings were based off of daily events

7.1.3. Used hieroglyphics for writing

7.1.4. used math and science tools to help improve their lives.

7.2. Indus Valley

7.2.1. Made pottery and jewelry

7.2.2. Metal works

7.2.3. Game pieces

7.2.4. Writing was done on bark and leaves

8. Economy and Trade

8.1. Egypt

8.1.1. Economy was based off of every day tools.

8.1.2. People specialized in their jobs.

8.1.3. Raided for their resources.

8.1.4. Traded with Kush for many resources.

8.2. Indus Valley

8.2.1. Traded pottery, metal works and jewelry.

8.2.2. Trade based economy.

8.2.3. Traded by river channels.

8.2.4. traded with distant citties.