River Civilizations

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River Civilizations by Mind Map: River Civilizations

1. Geography and Agriculture

1.1. Nile Civilization

1.1.1. Located in the Sahara Desert

1.1.2. Nile flooded to create fertile soil

1.1.3. Farmers planted crops along the Nile as a steady food supply

1.1.4. People used the Nile as a natural protection from nearby attackers

1.2. Huang He

1.2.1. People lived in isolated valleys

1.2.2. Rivers flooded and deposited mineral-rich soil to create good farmland

1.2.3. Temperate climates

1.2.4. Farmers relied on Huang He river as a supply for irrigation and soil fertility

2. Economy and Trade

2.1. Huang He river

2.1.1. Agricultural society.

2.1.2. made armor and weapons out of iron.

2.1.3. iron was better to use because it was cheaper then bronze.

2.1.4. Using iron allowed them to have a bigger army because they wouldn't use up all of their money.

2.2. The Nile river

2.2.1. Pharoh's would trade with nearby lands and civilizations.

2.2.2. Traded crops and food

2.2.3. Used gold, jewels, and jems as money

2.2.4. Sold goods and crops for money

3. Religion

3.1. Huang He

3.1.1. They worshipped their ancestors

3.1.2. Slaves and prisoners of war were sacrificed to the gods

3.1.3. Oracle bones were used to communicate with ancestors

3.1.4. Believed in the after life

3.2. Nile Civilization

3.2.1. They were polytheistic

3.2.2. Their religion had priests

3.2.3. All gods that were worshipped, had a purpose

3.2.4. Built temples to worship their gods

4. Government & Leaders

4.1. Nile

4.1.1. Two kingdoms along the Nile that unified

4.1.2. Leaders were buried in tombs within the pyramids

4.1.3. Ruled by the Pharoh

4.1.4. Ruled by the Pharaoh

4.1.5. Pharaoh had high ranking officials who helped him rule

4.2. Huang He

4.2.1. Monarchy

4.2.2. The king had an army at his disposal

4.2.3. Had a capital where the important figures of societ lived

4.2.4. King had a court

5. Social Structure and Family

5.1. Huang He

5.1.1. People started to have larger familes

5.1.2. Social Structure was set up by wealth, influence and occupation

5.1.3. Kings and priests at top of the pyramid

5.1.4. Peasants and servants were at the bottom

5.2. Nile Civilization

5.2.1. Pharaoh was at the top

5.2.2. Social structure was set up by wealth occupation and influence

5.2.3. Priests were very high on the pyramid

5.2.4. Slaves and war prisoners were the lowest

6. Arts and education

6.1. Huang he

6.1.1. used bronze to make decorations and worshipping items

6.1.2. Wrote on oracle bones

6.1.3. Used picture symbols to represent objects and ideas

6.1.4. Training administrators

6.2. The Nile river

6.2.1. Paintings were detailed and colorful

6.2.2. Many of them are found on the walls of tombs and temples

6.2.3. Their statues were often large and imposing designed to show the power and majesty of their subjects.

6.2.4. created a writing system called hieroglyphics .

7. Science and Technology

7.1. The Nile

7.1.1. Built pyramids as tombs for royality

7.1.2. Built chariots to be used in battle

7.1.3. Egyptians mummified people to preserve their body

7.1.4. Made paper out of Papyrus to write on

7.2. Huang He

7.2.1. Used river for irrigation

7.2.2. Built palaces for kings and walls for defences

7.2.3. Used iron to make weapons

7.2.4. Built canals for transportation