Civilization of people

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Civilization of people by Mind Map: Civilization of people

1. Religion

1.1. Egypt

1.1.1. The sun God was one of the most important Gods to worship, he brought sunlight to the areas that needed crops to grow

1.1.2. Worshiped multiple gods and many well suited beliefs

1.1.3. Egyptians believed that the Gods controlled all natural events such as weather and other treacherous events

1.1.4. Anubis- was the God who looked over or protected the dead

1.2. Indus Valley

1.2.1. Indus believed in a god known as pashupati, the lord of cattle

1.2.2. they had many figures or statues to symbolize the Gods they worshiped such as a deity with 3 heads

1.2.3. They beleived in many gods depending on different things. There were Gods for all different things.

1.2.4. religions included Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism

2. Geography & Agriculture

2.1. Egypt

2.1.1. Egypt is located on the Red Sea and the Mediterranean Sea

2.1.2. There is little rain fall in Egypt and they rely on the annual flooding of the nile

2.1.3. Due to the large rivers and oceans around Egypt, fishing is one of their main food supplies

2.1.4. Nile was the only reason civilization arose in Egypt at all

2.2. IndusValley

2.2.1. borders consisted of mountains and the Arabian sea

2.2.2. water from the river fertilized and irrigated the crops

2.2.3. the river allowed boats to become a viable transportation option

2.2.4. stretches across present day India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and Bhutan

3. Government & Leaders

3.1. Egypt

3.1.1. was dominated by one man called a Pharaoh

3.1.2. king was believed a god by the citizens which gave him absolute control over affairs

3.1.3. the Pharaohs ministers and advisors were almost always priests

3.1.4. taxes were paid by labor not merchandise and money

3.2. Indus Valley

3.2.1. the Indus River is one of the worlds earliest urban civilizations

3.2.2. the Indus River civilization was also known as Harrapan civilization

3.2.3. over 1056 villages have been found out of which 96 have been evacuated

3.2.4. was a bronze age civilization in northwestern region of Indian subcontinent

4. Arts & Education

4.1. Egypt

4.1.1. The Egyptians had paintings of the there gods and goddesses and some of there names were Amun, Ra, Bes and Nun.

4.1.2. the Egyptians had made sculptures to honor there gods and pharoahs like Ra,Geb,Nut and Seth.

4.1.3. the Egyptians used hieroglyphics which was a formal writing system for them.

4.1.4. the Egyptians knew the principle of geometry

4.2. Indus Valley

4.2.1. made statues out of lime stone of many different things for example whole the worshiped.

4.2.2. the people from Indus valley had mad sculptures out of animals.

4.2.3. they left no temples or tombs like the Egyptians did

4.2.4. not many artifacts survive to present day, but one had been found of a Priest-King

5. Social Structure & Family

5.1. Egypt

5.1.1. The Egyptian social structure was very layered. The pharaoh, priest, government officials and military leaders were at the top

5.1.2. In the middle of the social structure was the artisans, craftspeople and merchants and at the bottom were the peasant farmers which made up 90% of the population

5.1.3. Slaves were used in the society. They were often the criminals or the prisoners of war

5.1.4. The Egyptians lied as a family unit. The father was the head of the house doing the big jobs with the women and children doing the easier jobs

5.2. Indus Valley

5.2.1. People were born into social classes that were interchangeable

5.2.2. At the top of the social structure were the king if there was one, priests, and military leaders.

5.2.3. In the middle of the social structure were the farmers and tradesmen

5.2.4. At the bottom of the social structure were the servants and the laborers

6. Science & Technology

6.1. Egypt

6.1.1. Egyptians had changed from copper tools to bronze tool s because bronze was better to work with

6.1.2. Egyptians invented the lever that we use today to make traps and other tools

6.1.3. Also made a ramp to wheel things upward so you didn't have to carry it.

6.1.4. Later realized that those skills were able to be used to build pyramids

6.2. Indus Valley

6.2.1. The Indus valley group invited a type of seal which was created for trade or import and export

6.2.2. A pot with holes in it was for fermented beverages etc.

6.2.3. Made a grid system to plot out villages and or towns like a map or coordinate plane

6.2.4. Houses were made out of a type of mud brick and were built around a court yard or little plain

7. Economy & Trade

7.1. Egypt

7.1.1. In ancient Egypt, agriculture was the main economic activity

7.1.2. There was no typical money system so they sometimes used their crops as curency

7.1.3. There were lots of small shops in the cities where people could buy crafts

7.1.4. Trade was very important to Egypt and they had many imports and exports

7.2. Indus Valley

7.2.1. their cities were highly developed for their period of time

7.2.2. the Indus people used the plentiful rivers surrounding them much for their advantage

7.2.3. nearing the end of the Indus River civilization the cities began to wither and economy became weak

7.2.4. the floods from surrounding rivers destroyed civilization