Editorial Strategy Publishing Focus

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Editorial Strategy Publishing Focus by Mind Map: Editorial Strategy Publishing Focus

1. What do people in your niche really want?

1.1. what type of content formats do they prefer?

1.2. what kind of information are they looking for?

1.3. what typical uses will they make of your content?

1.4. what is it they are trying to do?

2. Home Page strategy

2.1. Make your home page say immediately what you are about

2.2. Tagline and description

2.3. About page

2.3.1. Rich and personal

2.3.2. Show me who you are

3. Define Content Labels and Categories

3.1. define site sections and name them

3.2. make sure your key content labels include your relevant keywords

3.3. write your content headings and labels consistently

4. Define Editorial Style

4.1. writing style

4.2. based on who is your audience

4.3. format length for content

4.4. build content templates

4.5. define use of images

4.6. define use of rich media including audio and video

5. Possible Content Types

5.1. Inform

5.1.1. newsradar

5.1.2. Twitter

5.2. Explain, Illustrate, Guide

5.2.1. Report

5.2.2. guide

5.2.3. tutorial

5.2.4. screencast

5.3. Involve

5.3.1. Conversate social media forum

5.3.2. Co-create wiki mindmap forum

6. You Have Identified Your Niche

6.1. you know their specific interest

6.2. you know their unique characteristic

6.3. paint a few personas to help yourself

7. Stop Guessing - Ask Them!

7.1. How?

7.1.1. via Newsletter

7.1.2. via Live events

7.1.3. via Polls on the Blog Surveymonkey Zoomerang

7.1.4. via Social media outlets

8. Then start architecting Your Site Building Blocks

8.1. Interaction components

8.1.1. newsletter

8.1.2. Forum

8.1.3. Social media space

8.1.4. Webinars - live events

8.2. Content components

8.2.1. Blog

8.2.2. Newsradar

8.2.3. Video or audio interviews

8.2.4. Reports

8.2.5. Directory

8.2.6. etc.

9. Rest of the site

9.1. develop gradually

9.2. reference and group similar content

9.3. build what you can maintain