There's more to Dr. Seuss

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There's more to Dr. Seuss by Mind Map: There's more to Dr. Seuss

1. Popular Books With Messages

1.1. The Butter Battle Book

1.1.1. cold war

1.1.2. Quotes from book

1.2. The Lorax

1.2.1. environmental awareness

1.2.2. illustrations from book

1.3. Green Eggs & Ham

1.3.1. Themes of race

1.3.2. *Quotes and paraphrasing Reed Zero*

2. Introduction

2.1. Background Info

2.1.1. His schooling,

2.1.2. Early writing carreer

2.1.3. Why he went into children's lit. *Quotes from Fensch*

2.1.4. Any intentions?

2.1.5. First book was turned down 27 times for "not having a moral"

3. Overall Importance of his work

3.1. Why is his work still read and taught?

3.2. How did he become so beloved?

3.3. How are his books different?

3.3.1. *John Fea Quotes*

4. Conclusion

4.1. summary

5. Not just an author, but a teacher