Rocks and Soil

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Rocks and Soil by Mind Map: Rocks and Soil

1. Color

1.1. Rocks

1.1.1. Rocks come in many different colors!

1.1.2. There are different ways of coding rock colors.

1.2. Soils

1.2.1. There is also a color chart for different soils as well.

1.2.2. Colors

2. Texture

2.1. Rocks

2.1.1. smooth, rough, vesicular, sandy, hard, soft.

2.2. Soils

2.2.1. Some soils have a different feel to them. some are soft, sandy, rough. There are different ways to test soil texture.

3. Premeability

3.1. Rocks

3.1.1. Some rocks allow water to pass through.

3.1.2. Some rocks are very solid and do not let water pass through them .

3.2. Soils

3.2.1. Some soils let water pas through them very quickly.

3.2.2. Some soils let water pass through them very slowly.

3.3. Premeability

4. Composition

4.1. Rocks

4.1.1. There are 3 different types of rocks. Igneous, Sedimentary and Metamorphic.

4.2. Soils

4.2.1. There are also various different soil compositions. Clay, Silt and Sand.