PBL 4 session 1

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PBL 4 session 1 by Mind Map: PBL 4 session 1

1. Step 4

1.1. Hypothesis organization (tentative solution)

1.1.1. infection meningitis from ear infection G B streptococcus affected the brain stem fever enkaphleitis

1.1.2. not an infection tumor demylenation disease conginital drug induced

1.2. 20 minutes

2. Step 1

2.1. Identify terms and cues

2.2. New terms

2.2.1. tended to next to him

2.2.2. house call home visit

2.2.3. difficult to arous to wake up

2.3. cues

2.3.1. 4 y old boy

2.3.2. from sudair

2.3.3. living 6 y brother grandmother mother

2.3.4. previous inection treated from an ear infection

2.3.5. drowsy

2.3.6. difficult to rouse this morning

2.3.7. yesterday complaining of stiff neck , pain in the head R eye, fever , vomitied a quite bit

2.3.8. couple of weeks headache sore R eye inpropper movment in R side face R eye not closed properly unsteady on his feet

2.4. 10 minutes

3. Step 5

3.1. 10 minutes

3.2. Formulate learning objectives

3.2.1. anatomy of meningies

3.2.2. thermo regulation process

3.2.3. occulomotor control

3.2.4. CNS infection meningitis causes pathopgusiology presentaiont doagnosing epidemiology enkephlitis causes pathopgusiology presentaiont doagnosing epidemiology

4. Step 2

4.1. Problem formulation (put it in a senates)

4.1.1. 4 y old boy presented with drowsness, difiiculty to rous . yesterday, complained of neck stfifness, pain in his head and right eye. also vomited, had fever and headache

4.2. 10 minutes

5. Step 3

5.1. 40 minutes

5.2. Hypothesis generation (brainstorming)

5.2.1. past treated ear infection

5.2.2. couple weeks ago headache increased intracranial pressure R eye sore increased intracranial pressure

5.2.3. week later R side face didnt seemed to move properrly R eye not closed unsteady feet is it balance problem or muscle? vestibulocochlear nucli

5.2.4. yeaster day stiff neck pain in his head , R eye vomited tempreture

5.2.5. this morning drowsy difficult to rouse

5.2.6. CNS infection brain stem infection affect the face balance enkaphalitis meningitis sub arachanoid abscess pressing the head demylenated due to infection not explain unilateral problem

5.2.7. two conditions brain tumor

5.2.8. increased intracranial pressure

5.2.9. middle ear infection complications which ear R, L ??

5.2.10. progressive