Myocardial Infarction

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Myocardial Infarction by Mind Map: Myocardial Infarction

1. May take medication for rest of life

2. ECG: look for heart damage

3. Physical exam & listen to chest with stethoscope

3.1. Listen for:

3.2. Heart murmurs

3.3. Abnormal sounds

4. Troponin blood test: look for heart tissue damage

5. Coronary angiography: dye flows through heart

6. Crackles

7. Fast uneven pulse

8. Chance of having another heart attack after having one before

9. Opens up narrowed artery

10. Fast uneven pulse

11. Open heart surgery

12. You can slowly go back to normal activities depending on what your health care provider recommends you to do

13. Alex Jennings & Meagan Mcahan

14. S/Sx

14.1. Chest pain

14.2. SOB

14.3. Sweating

14.4. Light headed

14.5. Palpitations

14.6. Nausea

14.7. Vomiting

14.8. Fainting

14.9. Pain in left or right arm,lower jaw,neck,back

14.10. Cough

15. Prognosis

15.1. Depends on damage to heart muscle and valves

15.2. Can cause heart failure

16. Diagnosis

16.1. BP can be high, low, or normal

16.2. Heart attack

17. Treatment

17.1. Angioplasty

17.2. Hooked up to heart monitor

17.3. Receive oxygen

17.4. Sometimes receive nitroglycerin & morphine for pain

17.5. Receive medicine to break up clots