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Stories by Mind Map: Stories
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Stand on top of each other


Lift top animal

Can have specific order



1 LEGO dot wide

6 LEGO dots long over and under

Behind the legs

Give birth


Room for baby

Take baby in and out

At least 3 walls, floor and roof

Fall down


From 5 cm, Change it to 10 cm later, They should then change the estimate

No pieces fall off

Doesn't fall

Lie down


Both sides

90 degrees, not skewed



Only 2 colors

Vertical stripes

At least 4 stripes - viewable from each side



Enough pieces to make same

Can be different colours

It's impossible!!



Minimum 3 cm long

Should point upwards

New stories - added after iteration 2

15 cm tall


Between 14 and 16

Highest point to bottom



2 of them

Area underneath 10 LEGO dots

Must be on side



Small round ones

1 or 2 LEGO dots between

Pointing forward

Same colour

On head

Able to eat


Have a mouth that can receive "food"

Able to pass food through system.

Legacy requirements

2 Breathing organs

Max 2 cm between them

Do not change!


Must have round ankles

All paws should have the same colour