myIMD SAM Sprint 1

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myIMD SAM Sprint 1 by Mind Map: myIMD SAM Sprint 1

1. Open Issues

1.1. Blockers

1.1.1. .Net client <-> SAML

1.1.2. Correctly functioning test system

1.1.3. DProxy creating mail attr

1.2. Other

1.2.1. CAS complete code deploy to prod All english test (lang modules replaced)

1.2.2. accounts on prod to use to test

1.2.3. Siebel exception handling

1.2.4. Dev environment

1.2.5. Keep an eye out for CAS (LinkedIn) RC -> Full Rel

1.2.6. Fast track new techno replacing CAS?

1.2.7. Test procedure for 15th Oct selenium in TeamCity

2. Past Issues

2.1. Edwin reserved Tues 15th Oct

3. Sprint goal

3.1. Alumni-network ready to rock

4. Team "Definition of Done" List

4.1. Done with a Story/Task

4.1.1. All code checked in

4.1.2. All regression tests passing

4.1.3. code reviewed by opposite pair (Richard/Niki)

4.2. Done with a Sprint

4.2.1. All story criteria plus all p0 and p1 bugs resolved CI server passing All acceptance tests identified, written and passing Architectural review performed by Philippe All API changes/definitions are documented

4.3. Done with release to Staging

4.3.1. All sprint criteria plus QA review performed

4.4. Done with release to Production

4.4.1. All staging criteria plus UAT performed

5. Planning

5.1. Session 1

5.1.1. Admin Block hours Richard 100% Petya 60% Niki 50% Philippe 30% Atanas 15 days Time for clearance meetings 1 hr every Wednesday? Goals: Jira usage

5.1.2. Release planning steps: sketch a preliminary roadmap add a degree of confidence include dates and adjust as needed update the plan every sprint

5.1.3. QA Petya defines testing plan how does it work for each platform main web site will be visible Petya works together with Atanas to decide what tests can be automated goal: each automated test goes into continuous integration server (run with each check in)

5.1.4. Dependencies interfaces to: CRM (Siebel) RMS LDAP Cold Fusion legacy Sys admin + Siebel + iPad tasks need to give them as much pre-warning as possible future arch decision to drop Siebel in favor of RMS Architectural understanding Philippe overview on whiteboard

5.1.5. Responsibilities Quality first dev should favor unit and functional tests (as a spec tool) maintain the dev good practices follow defect rating system? Soft skills favor close collaboration/communication with other members (team spirit) raise the alarm if you are stuck and can't make progress (Stand-ups but judgement call on whether to wait) Enjoyment and Challenge Looking to engage and stimulate you a cool project that is very important for IMD

5.1.6. Engineering practices Continuous Integration and frequent check ins Automated system and acceptance tests Refactoring possibilities Pair Programming TDD

5.2. Second session

5.2.1. plan for meeting 1. level of understanding (1-5) yesterday's meeting project view 2. yesterday's takeaway? and clarifications 3. task creation for sprint dev QA 4. estimate tasks in sprint 5. conventions 6. questions technical needs? pair programming between Niki and Richard? yours ... 7. to do Philippe Niki Richard Petya Shane

5.2.2. TO DO send me your block hours architectural overview interfaces to other (sub)systems

5.2.3. Conventions if you break the Continuous Integration (CI) build, you fix it ASAP Richard intro to/demo of team city including code review of every line (xml, unit tests included) how will we do that? Ideally to be done same day (stop laughing/crying :-) )

5.3. Follow-up

5.3.1. stand-up < 1 min per question What did I do yesterday? What will I do today? What blocking issues do I have? What is your confidence, on a scale of one to ten, that the team will accomplish the goal of this sprint?

5.3.2. Still to talk about Jira usage: leaf tasks should be less than 2 days estimate amount of time spent see burndown chart time juggling Richard away from Wed 9th and back Fri 25th Niki can we steal more of your time to compensate? Setting up a sandboxed test environment? wait a few sprints to see destiny of Set a weekly time for an architectural review by Philippe (if needed?) no, use Q&A time for this Define stylecop and resharper rules agreement?

6. TO DO

6.1. Release Planning

6.1.1. Shane: we should do this on the week of 28th Oct

6.2. Knowledge base

6.2.1. Architectural model what subsystems do we use? current future what API calls are we making and vice-versa?

6.2.2. myIMD bible A document describing how this service can be used by a service that is to be integrated into the myIMD space (e.g., new Alumni network), detailing the API, the architecture, the common usage scenarios (desktop, tablet and mobile), the common pitfalls, the known limitations, the style requirements, any maintenance requirements and tips, and references to information about all off-the-shelf (OTS) components used

6.3. Infrastructure

6.3.1. Set up Team City server stylecop

6.3.2. Set up dev's machine stylecop trial NCrunch Team City notifier?

6.4. Work

6.4.1. consider Def of Done

6.4.2. Petya define block hours from when you are able to and send them to me

6.5. Shane

6.5.1. bring Iain into mockup review and propose to come to review ensure Iain agrees with responsive html5 as way to go forward

6.5.2. set review and retro

6.5.3. document interactions with other subsystems

6.5.4. wireframe acc mgmt and present to persona owners goal IMD-388 define myIMD bus meetings

6.5.5. SQLI ensure team devs meet with Aldo Ferrari early bootstrap? dive lib test what they provide us before we integrate

6.5.6. CLN account registration

6.5.7. test accounts test & prod prod test

6.5.8. LinkedIn: use std api; lawyer: Stefan Giellieron

6.5.9. tests english only error messages failed login communicated multi-browser

6.6. alumni-network rel

6.6.1. what is not working

6.6.2. CAS deploy to test

6.6.3. remove Remember me and other check-box if not working

6.6.4. fix CF on test

6.7. next steps

6.8. cold fusion dev: Robin in USA