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Ian.Futures by Mind Map: Ian.Futures

1. * * * Mindmesiter, Rather than Competing, show you can Co-operate for Mutural Benefit, Okay?

2. Dribble

2.1. [31MAY2024FRI1628PST] +7=UTC [Q1] Why is [Mindmeister] site displaying in [Korean]: Has the company been sold to Koreans or is [Mindmeister] 'syndicating' itself in other language mode -- like [Oanda-TradingView]?

2.1.1. [Q2] Can I change the FORMAT of this site to another FORMAT? [01JUN2024SAT0730PST]+7=UTC Somebody is hexing my back; it's killing me...

3. Naver

3.1. iansaph_ngc6164 https://blog.naver.com/iansaph_ngc6164

3.1.1. iansaph_flashingfish https://blog.naver.com/iansaph_flashingfish

4. FB

4.1. FB_Page [Ian.Flummoxed] https://www.facebook.com/Ian.Flummoxed.8

4.1.1. FB_Page [Ian.Trading] https://www.facebook.com/Ian.Trading.8 FB_Page [Ian.Flashing] https://www.facebook.com/Ian.Flashing.8 FB_Page [Ian.Curious2] https://www.facebook.com/Ian.Curious2.8

5. TW

5.1. @ian_saph_123 https://twitter.com/ian_saph_123

5.1.1. [01JUN2024SAT0742PST]+7=UTC [Counter.Social] disabled connection, so I don't upload [Twitter | X]' [#Rafah], then emailed me saying that my [Counter.Social] site is only accessible to those who follow the site; my [Counter.Social] address is same as my TW/X address [@ian_saph_Edbg12] -- that's my 1968 [JuniorHigh] & 1971 [HighSchoolReunion][Kakao/Daum/Cafe]: https://blog.naver.com/iansaph_ngc6164/223433625195 [01JUN2024SAT1026PST] +7=UTC Here is one tweet of tweet by CEO of [Counter.Social][@th3j35t3r] on [03MAY2023] saying something about [Searching] not possible by [Username] at [Counter.Social]: https://x.com/LuthienIRL/status/1653934667622649856 [01JUN2024SAT1031PST] +7=UTC It appears CEO of [Counter.Social[Jester_Actual][@th3j35t3r] -- Number five looks like 'S' -- no longer has TW/X site: https://x.com/Gibbons1986/status/99258872258240512

6. DeviantArt

6.1. BlueFrogBeret https://www.deviantart.com/bluefrogberet

6.1.1. While we sleep... https://www.deviantart.com/bluefrogberet/journal/While-you-sleep-1059575874

7. Closet

7.1. Mindmeister [IanSaph XIX] https://www.mindmeister.com/users/channel/107083142

7.1.1. Wix [halmikkott8][defy-myth][Blog] https://halmikkott8.wixsite.com/defy-myth/blog Wix [halmikkott8][Hermetic-Wings] [Photography][Portfolio] https://halmikkott8.wixsite.com/defy-myth/ Lucidchart [Naver Memos Chart] https://lucid.app/lucidchart/4428069e-ef75-4b2f-b6fa-3c3cf65dc3e9/view

8. [01JUN2024SAT1058PST]+7=UTC This is TW[@elonmusk] hacking...

9. * * * FB [#Russia] https://www.facebook.com/hashtag/russia

10. Peace in the Middle East?

10.1. Webador | Ian Saph https://free-4474635.webadorsite.com/