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Recipe for Online Learning by Mind Map: Recipe for Online Learning
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Recipe for Online Learning

Pedagogical Models or Constructs

9 1/2 Guidelines to Technology Transformation

Salmons Five-Step Model (Student View)

Characteristics of the Online Learner


High locus of control

Need for affiliation

Fluent in Learning Technologies

Strong Academic Self Concept

Strong need for collaborative learning

Characteristics of the Online Instructor

Skill in the use of basic technologies

Can handle students with little distance learning experience

A basic skill and appreciation of collaborative learning competencies and appreciation for collaborative learning principles

Self-directed learning skills and deployment of cognitive learning strategies

Adaptive teaching styles with a diverse audience

Skilled Facilitator and content provider

Interpersonal Skills

Needs Assessment Skills

Administrative Skills

Systems Perspective of Thinking

Learning Technologies

Asynchronous Best Practices

Synchronous Communication Tools

Learning Communities