What I like about...

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What I like about... by Mind Map: What I like about...

1. Facebook

1.1. Sharing of pictures with family and friends

1.2. Photos

1.3. Quick, familiar, can be low maintenance

1.4. Personal News

1.5. No

1.6. Keep up on what others are doing

1.7. Share events

1.8. Fight about politics

2. Twitter

2.1. Get great ideas from people all over the world related to things I'm interested in

2.2. Starting to use.

2.3. stalking... like viewing and not posting

2.4. Sharing of Celebrations

2.5. connects me to easy professional readings and converstations

2.6. New ideas

2.7. Sharing of information quickly

2.8. #

3. Photo Sharing Sites (Picasa, Flickr)

3.1. don't use.. :(

3.2. creating memories

3.3. lots of space to upload and share pics

4. Forums/ Groups

4.1. Is pinterest forum??? If so I love everything about it!

5. Skype/Google Hangout

5.1. connect with people

5.2. Don't have to travel to meet

5.3. Like texting - at work!

5.4. increases productivitiy/time management

6. Blogging