Rocks and Minerals

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Rocks and Minerals by Mind Map: Rocks and Minerals

1. Igneous Rocks

1.1. Intrusive

1.1.1. Formed inside of the earth as magma cools slowly

1.2. Extrusive

1.2.1. Formed outside of Volcanoes as lava cools rapidly

2. Metamorphic Rocks

2.1. Foliated

2.1.1. Foliation deals with the layering of the rock, in foliated rocks the layers are planar so they have a difference only one one level.

2.2. Non-foliated

2.2.1. Non-foliated rocks are rocks that are either more uniform in colouring or the stress is on more than a planar level.

3. Sedimentary Rocks

3.1. Clastic

3.1.1. This is Breccia it is composed of many large particles that is cemented together by smaller rocks.

3.2. Chemical Sedimentary

3.2.1. This is rock salt it forms from the evaporate of an ocean or a saline lake.

3.3. Organic Sedimentary

3.3.1. Plant and animal material combine to form this type of rock.

4. Minerals

4.1. Non-silcates

4.1.1. This distinct Non-silcate is a Sulfate mineral and it is known as Desert Rose, this forms from gypsum when the different crystals form on a planar level.

4.2. Silicates

4.2.1. This is quartz that