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Ozan's Tech Notes by Mind Map: Ozan
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Ozan's Tech Notes


445 M users

1B+ video views / daily

17 B search requests

20H+ video upload per minute


monetizating 1B+ video views every week.

90 percent of YouTube homepage inventory was sold out in Q3 in the US. We’ve closed deals with everyone in the music business



100 M + creditcards


2B+ downloads

100K+ apps

Eddy Cue

50 M - iPhone + iPod


390 M users

1 M + developers

14 M video shares per month

8B+ minutes spent each day

2B+ pieces of content shared every week

running Over 30,000 Servers 25 Terabytes of Log Data – Daily OCT /09


FarmVille, Company Zynga - # of employees : 468 Oct / 09, Aug 09 - 11 M users, Oct 09 - 60 M users

CafeWorld, first two weeks 16 M users

over 100 applications have over a million users

Applications # of users

14.4 M users from Turkey - 2009 OCT

20 B photo (10/2009) +2 B per month

5 billion API calls


If we had a billion users, that will be the pulse of the planet

55 M users

5000 tweets per seconds

Social Media Monetization

performance marketing

~ $500M-$600M* for 2009 on social media sites/applications alone.

paid out on a CPM basis, ranging between $.50 to $2

brand advertising

$2-$10 CPM

between 0.1% to 0.3% CTR

$400-$500M** for 2009

virtual currency

Virtual goods sales to hit $1 billion in 2009 as social games pay off big


Morgan Stanley Oct 2009 Economy + Internet Trends

Economic Sizes

Global Ad 2011 - 550 B USD

App Economy Today 1 B USD 4 B USD in 2012 Business Week TR

Social games last two years 270 M USD - 2 B USD in 2012

Pincus ( CEO of Zynga) said: next great opportunity on the Web lies at the intersection of three trends—apps, Web services, and small online payments from consumers, digital sweet potato seeds that cost $5 a packet. The seeds, which of course cost nothing to duplicate, pulled in more than $400,000 in three days


2009/10 - 4 B photo

last fm

2007′de CBS tarafından 280 milyon $’a satın alınan


Internet Usage

TR - Adinteractive 2009 Research

%50 - daily more than 5 hours

%25 weekly- 50 hours