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Biology by Mind Map: Biology

1. The microscope

1.1. Uses of a microscope

1.2. Parts of a microscope

1.2.1. Neck (hold microscope by the neck)

1.2.2. Diaphragm

1.2.3. Light source

1.2.4. focus knobs Coarse focus Fine focus

1.2.5. Eyepiece

1.2.6. Objective lens

2. Scientific inquiry

2.1. Scientific Method

2.1.1. Inquiry

2.1.2. Hypothesis

2.1.3. Prediction

2.1.4. Conclusion

2.1.5. Variables

2.1.6. Procedures

2.2. Starts with an observation

3. Molecules

3.1. Molecules of life

3.1.1. Proteins (polypeptides) The monomer form of a Protein is an amino acid

3.1.2. Lipids Lipids include fats and oils Lipids are non polar Lipids do not dissolve in water

3.1.3. Carbohydrates Glucose is used to store energy in humans Glycogen is used for energy storage in animals Cellulose is used to make leaves and stems in plants Starch is used as energy storage in plants

3.2. Organelles

3.3. Cell division

3.3.1. Mitosis

3.3.2. Meiosis

4. Biological Systems

4.1. Ecosystems

5. DNA

5.1. Found in the nucleus

5.2. Responsible for heredity

5.2.1. Genes Traits

5.2.2. Helps cells multiply

5.3. In a double helix shape

5.4. Replication