Assignment 1 Digital Folder Plan

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Assignment 1 Digital Folder Plan by Mind Map: Assignment 1 Digital Folder Plan

1. Diigo Account

1.1. Allows for collaboration among my peers (soon to be co-workers)

1.2. A way to stay organized (right now as a student, but also in the future as a teacher)

1.3. Perfect for global connection among other educators, finding perspectives that would not be considered here in Calgary, Canada.

2. 3 Legged Stool

2.1. Each leg is an 'R', which must be in place for stability (learning) to happen

2.2. Relevant, Rigorous, and Relationship

3. What Does Participation Look Like?

3.1. The table/image engages me in two different ways (visually and verbally), which is a good representation for what it is trying to convey

3.2. Learning Styles

3.3. Teaching Methods (how to engage students)

4. Under the Surface is More Surface

4.1. Not only does have inset norms and rules, but under the surface of students, is more surface.

4.2. Don't judge a book by its cover

5. High Tech High School Video

5.1. 3 legged stool is utilized

5.2. Powerful quotes!

5.3. The principle had a vision of himself as an educator

6. Hetty Roessing Interview

6.1. Statistics on ESL students (every teacher is an ESL teacher in someway)

6.2. Acceptance

7. Diversity Is...

7.1. Culture

7.2. Race/Ethnicity

7.3. Language

7.4. Economic Status

7.5. Learning Challenges

8. Something to Think About

8.1. How does who I am as a learner, and who I visualize myself as a teacher effect my future students when I define 'literacy'?

8.2. More than just reading and writing

8.3. Incorporating technologies

9. Ron Clark Academy

9.1. Essential 55

9.2. Teach the WHOLE student

9.3. You must teach to where the student is at, don't expect them to start learning from somewhere they aren't

10. The Death of Education and the Rise of Learning

10.1. What is the difference between Education & Learning?

10.2. Why is this change happening?

10.3. Peer discussion