BCP Folder in Olive

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BCP Folder in Olive by Mind Map: BCP Folder in Olive

1. Setting up of weekly folders

1.1. Clear instruction on where to get materials and tasks clearly assigned

1.2. There should be a task each week

1.3. Measurable deliverables

2. BCP Schedules

2.1. Schedule for Full Time students

2.1.1. Specific Instruction to inform the student what is to be done

2.1.2. Only two headings Topics Tutorials (and labs if any)

2.1.3. Deadline to be given When is submission done and how? When will tutor submit feedback and how?

2.1.4. If there is lecture, which are the slides are the students supposed to refer to?

2.1.5. If there is lab, are there any teaching aids to replace the face-to-face lab sessions?

2.2. Schedule for Teaching Team

2.2.1. The old format uses Home-based learning, please change all home based learning to Off-Campus Learning

2.2.2. Shows assessment mapping

3. Visibility of the various tabs and folders

3.1. BCP Tab - Always on

3.1.1. General Instruction - Always on (depending on the semester) Individual folder always OFF (unless activated on that week)