Cultures Around the World Glogster

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Cultures Around the World Glogster by Mind Map: Cultures Around the World Glogster

1. Standards

1.1. A Child’s Place in Time and Space The kindergarten year is the time for children to begin to form concepts about the world beyond their own classroom and communities. Culture, heritage and democratic principles are explored, building upon the foundation of the classroom experience. Children deepen their learning about themselves and begin to form an understanding of roles, responsibility for actions and decision making in the context of the group setting

1.2. Social Studies lesson for Kindergarten aged children

2. Visual Resources

2.1. Pictures of each country and where its located on a map that we will dicuss

2.2. Pictures of foods associated with each country

2.3. Pictures of clothes and and different locations

3. Online Resources

3.1. Video introducing culture:

3.2. Article 1: National Geographic Site with various locations and facts about countries around the world:

3.3. Article 2: TIME magazine has each country broken down to details about areas and pictures:

3.4. Article 3: Explore and Learn shows how children in different cultures live and is very kid friendly:

4. Design Theme

4.1. Map of the world background

4.2. Pictures of Various Cultures with food, clothes, venues, etc.

4.3. Different themed graphics having to do with location of cultures

4.3.1. Including Music from various cultures

5. File Attachments

5.1. Culture Around the World wkst: To be determined