FN Storytelling-based Literacy Programs

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FN Storytelling-based Literacy Programs by Mind Map: FN Storytelling-based Literacy Programs

1. "Education is our buffalo"

1.1. Recognition

1.2. Self-discovery

2. Epistemology

2.1. Scientific method

2.2. Stories

2.3. Field trips

2.4. Observation

3. Aboriginal epistemology

3.1. Spiritual

3.2. Interconnected

3.3. "Circles within circles"

4. Aboriginal vs non-Aboriginal student epistemologies

4.1. scientific vs hands on

4.2. Interconnected vs compartmentalized

5. Narratives

5.1. Universality of narratives across cultures

5.2. First Nations narratives (Christine gave "Devil's Tower" as an example)

6. Language

6.1. Language dictates how we view the world

6.2. Example was given that many First Nations languages do not have the word, 'maybe'

7. First Nations storytelling

7.1. Requires a lot of skill and memory

7.2. Long stories have to be remembered word for word

8. Original Story Thinking Program (Stoney/Nakota)

8.1. Aboriginal knowledge frameworks

8.2. Skepticism about program -- could be weak or repetitive

9. "Song Within my Heart"

9.1. Great illustration

9.2. Culturally appropriate

10. Barriers/Challenges

10.1. Nanaio Daily News article