2nd Grade Geography

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2nd Grade Geography by Mind Map: 2nd Grade Geography

1. Content Standards

1.1. Geography Students use knowledge of geographic locations, patterns and processes to show the interrelationship between the physical environment and human activity, and to explain the interactions that occur in an increasingly interdependent world. Students use knowledge of perspectives, practices and products of cultural, ethnic and social groups to analyze the impact of their commonality and diversity within local, national, regional and global settings.

1.2. Spatial thinking examines the relationships among people, places and environments by mapping and graphing geographic data. Geographic data are compiled, organized, stored and made visible using traditional and geospatial technologies. Students need to be able to access, read, interpret and create maps and other geographic representations as tools of analysis.

2. Online Resources

2.1. Fifty Nifty United Stated Video

2.2. At Home Activity

2.3. At Home Activity

2.4. At Home Activity

3. Glog design plans

3.1. United States flag background

3.2. State outlines

3.3. animated arrows

3.4. patriot themed graphics

4. Files

4.1. States & capitals PDF

4.2. Files will revolve around matching states and their capitals

5. Special Visuals

5.1. picture of what each state is famous for

5.2. animated star "your state"