Joe Jonas

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Joe Jonas by Mind Map: Joe Jonas

1. Childhood

1.1. Born in Arizona but raised in New Jersey

1.2. Performed on Broadway growing up

1.3. He is the second oldest out of four

1.4. He grew up traveling places because of his father's work.

2. Education

2.1. Graduated high school but was home schooled

2.2. Graduated with a 4.0

2.3. Has yet to further his career in education

3. Personal Interests

3.1. He likes photograpghy

3.2. He likes to work out

3.3. Likes to play golf and baseball

3.4. Loves his English Bulldog named Winston

4. Work Information

4.1. Professional singer

4.2. Has acted in movies

4.3. Works with two of his brothers