The Branches of the Government

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The Branches of the Government by Mind Map: The Branches of the Government

1. The Legislative

1.1. Congress

1.1.1. The Senate

1.1.2. The House of Representatives

1.2. Where bills go to become laws

1.3. Elected by the people

1.4. Handles the country's money

2. The Executive

2.1. The President

2.1.1. The head of the executive branch

2.1.2. Approves and carries out laws passed by the legislative branch.

2.1.3. Elected by the people

2.2. The Vice President

2.3. The Cabinet

2.3.1. Made up of the heads of the 15 major departments of the government.

2.3.2. Gives advice to the President about important matters.

3. The Judicial

3.1. The Supreme Court

3.1.1. There are 9 Supreme Court Justices

3.1.2. Nominated by the President and approved by the Senate

3.1.3. The highest court in the land.

3.1.4. No term limit/ serve for life.

3.1.5. Determine if a law is constitutional.

3.2. The judicial branch oversees the court system of the U.S.