Assignment 1

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Assignment 1 by Mind Map: Assignment 1

1. What does good teaching and learning look like?

1.1. Students as individuals

1.2. Constructivist teaching

2. Poverty and Learning

2.1. "The degree to which an individual does without resources" (financial, emotional, mental, spiritual, physical, support systems, relationships, knowledge of hidden rules)

2.2. PS22 Chorus

2.3. Ron Clark - The Essential 55

2.3.1. Meet the students where they are

3. 3 Legged Stool of Learning

3.1. Relevant

3.2. Rigorous

3.3. Relationship

4. School Culture

4.1. Architecture

4.1.1. Wisdom in crowds

4.1.2. Classroom set up

4.1.3. Environment

4.2. "The most important foundation element is the culture of a school"

4.2.1. Developing an individual High Tech High School

4.3. "People commit their energy only to what they believe in, what captures their enthusiasm and imagination. The sad reality is that in schools lacking a culture of excellence, people labor without inspiration" (Stolp & Smith, p. 15)

5. Teaching Diverse Learners

5.1. Dr. Hettie Roessingh

5.1.1. 1800 words are required for a student to be ready to come into schools and learn

5.2. Teaching literacy in more ways than just reading and writing --> understanding signs and symbols

5.3. Homogeneous teaching force and demographic divide

6. Universal Design of Learning

6.1. Increasing access to learning

6.2. Objective vs. Reality

7. "The death of education but the dawn of learning"

8. "Students learn what they care about, from people they care about and who, they know, care about them"