Office Management edition a

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Office Management edition a by Mind Map: Office Management edition a

1. Current Projects

1.1. Find a new graphic designer

1.1.1. Requirements Flexible Able to work nights and weekends Reachable at all times Good with InDesign CS6 At least 2 years experience Good German skills Freelancer

1.1.2. Ask for three cover examples!

1.2. Organize information booth at Frankfurter book fair

1.2.1. Maybe find a shared booth!?

1.2.2. Have 100 copies of new bestseller delivered there for book signing

1.2.3. Book tickets! For myself For B.S. For author

1.3. Update press distribution list

1.3.1. Expand

1.3.2. Delete old accounts

2. Routine Duties

2.1. Daily Duties

2.1.1. Kitchen Dishwasher Morning Evening Coffee machine Milk & coffee supply

2.1.2. Office Mail E-mail Phone Switch on in the morning: Press (1) until beeping sound Switch off in the evening: Press (2) until beeping sound Receipts

2.2. Weekly Duties

2.2.1. Distribute press clippings to authors

2.2.2. Check warehouse stocks of current titles If < 50: Inform B.S.

2.3. Monthly Duties

2.3.1. Book keeping

3. Today's To-Do List

3.1. Research event locations for book presentations

3.1.1. For under 100 people

3.1.2. For over 100 people

3.1.3. Suited for press conferences

3.2. Order office supplies

3.2.1. Envelops 6" x 9" 4" x 9"

3.2.2. Pens 100 pieces black with company logo

3.2.3. Printing paper 6 á 500 pages

3.3. Call print office, ask for estimate of costs for new title (print run 3000 copies)

3.3.1. With 192 pages

3.3.2. With 208 pages

3.3.3. With 224 pages

3.4. Make appointment with new author

3.4.1. Reserve table at downstairs café for 4 people

3.4.2. Enter date in B.S.'s calendar

3.5. Upload new cover jpgs to VLB, KNV, Libri, Amazon and website

3.6. Update webshop

3.6.1. Update covers

3.6.2. Delete books with warehouse stock under 25

3.7. Call Thalia > Ask if book presentation can be postponed a week!

4. Don't forget

4.1. As soon as colleague gets back from holiday, ask her ...

4.1.1. To send out invitations for book presentation

4.1.2. To talk to distributors about additional titles in winter

4.1.3. To call back T.M. about editing the winter collection