Assignment 1 Digital Folder Plan

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Assignment 1 Digital Folder Plan by Mind Map: Assignment 1 Digital Folder Plan

1. Teaching Diverse Learning

1.1. A student needs at least 1.800 (everyday) words to come into a classroom and be ready to learn. However, he/she needs to know 8,000 words to successfully graduate from high school (words b/w 1,800-8,000 are academic)

1.1.1. How do we accommodate students who speak English as second language? How do we identify the difference between ESL students who are able to use everyday basic language from those who are able to use academic language? Aspects of diversity include: culture, race, language, religion, etc.

2. Poverty and Learning

2.1. Poverty is the degree to which an individual does without resources.

2.2. "The job of a teacher is to teach the whole child, not just to teach the curriculum" - Ron Clark

3. Understanding the different forms of literacy

3.1. Written, oral, physical, symbols, technology (tools), music, etc.

3.1.1. Online Help

3.1.2. Use Cases & Templates Personal Todo List Vacation Planning Meeting Minutes Project Plan more...

3.1.3. Tools and Gadgets Offline Mode Geistesblitz Tools Email & SMS Gateways Offline Mode

4. Universal Design/Inclusion

4.1. Increases access to learning by getting rid of barriers (cultural, cognitive, language)

4.1.1. Because a student understands how they learn, they understand what they need!