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Content Mapping - GD Study Abroad by Mind Map: Content Mapping - GD Study Abroad

1. Competitors

1.1. HotCoursesAbroad

1.1.1. Landing Page Search Subject Study Level Destination (Country) Filter Categories Filter by subjects types Filter by Locations Social Content Blog posts Tweets Facebook posts Subjects Categories Heading for specific 'user case' Image and Subjetcs categories Locations List Image and Titles

1.1.2. University List pagination Universities Records University Logo title country views reviews description *english course available* Filter By name By country Sort Options

1.1.3. Subjects List Filter Country Study Level Subjects listing By knowledge area

1.2. GoAbroad

1.2.1. Landing Page Main Slider - With Video Filter By Country Related Content Programs List Record Articles List Records Community Content Featured Program Video Insurance Providers Statistics of the product usage Subscribe Form

1.2.2. Study Abroad Filter Country Term (period) Subject Top Programs Carousel Program Logo Small description Image Background Call to action btn Featured Programs Slider Title Description Image and Logo Learn More btn Reviews Programs List Title Description Reviews Count Sidebar Studying Abroad Guide Featured Organization Featured Video Universities Ads

1.2.3. Program Profile Slider Image Call to Actions - Visit Website, Apply Now and Inquire Here Title of the program Featured Review Program Content Rating Download Brochure Reviews List Institution Affiliates Related Programs Videos

1.3. GoOverSeas

1.3.1. Study Abroad Image Slider Filter Country Program Tyoe Term (Period) Places to Go Image Country Countries list What to Study? Image Field Fields list Featured Programs Provider Institution Program TItle Reviews Count Specific Terms Cities List Fórum

1.3.2. Program Profile Logo Title Call to Action - Visit Website - Get Started Questions & Answers to Alunmi

1.3.3. What is Go Overseas?

1.4. HeySuccess

1.4.1. Landing Page Header Slider Add Opportunity BTN Heading - "Find Your Opportunities"

2. OLD Deprecated, please ignore this Current Version

2.1. Landing

2.1.1. Big Image

2.1.2. How it works

2.1.3. Call to Action - Register

2.1.4. Product Features

2.1.5. Steps of How it Works

2.1.6. Call to Action - Register

2.1.7. Features on Product processes

2.1.8. More How it Works

2.1.9. Call to Action - Register

3. New Version

3.1. Home (TOP)

3.1.1. Header Nav Social icons Heading Search Country they want to go Period (Study Level) Program Type (Scholarship/Event/Course) Major Program More Options to Search Add Opportunity* (BTN/LINK) LOGIN (Like Modal or Dropdown)

3.1.2. Section 1 Featured Programs or Featured Opportunites Program Title Small description Program or University Logo

3.1.3. Section 2 Success Stories Picture Heading Commemt Rating Program Attended

3.1.4. Section 3 How is the process? Steps Title Step Description Browse by Universities (Universities List) Logo Title Rating by Users Ranking in the world Student's Country opportunities

3.1.5. Section 4 Blog Posts Small Image Title Small Description Social Content Facebook Post Twitter Post Events List Period Major Title Small Description

3.1.6. Footer Site map Lnks Subscribe to Newsletter Social icons Footer * Subscribe to Newsletter 5 Featured Programs 5 blog posts Social Icons Site map Links

3.2. Search Results

3.2.1. Study Abroad Programs Result List Study Programs List Item Order Results Create Alert Related Content or Guide or Ads. Estimated Fee pagination of results Sidebar Video Success Stories Related Articles

3.2.2. Scholarship’s page Title Unviersity(provider) Deadline Description Reviews Number of Reviews Reviews List Scholarship Fees Alumni Members Question to Alumni Photo Gallery ( Community Photos)* How Application Works Languages + International Member Stats Available Term (period) Entry Rate + Prerequisites Grades Video Subjects City Lifestyle and Free time exploration

3.3. About Us

3.3.1. Our MIssion

3.3.2. Our Vision

3.3.3. Our Values

3.3.4. Our Staff

3.3.5. Our Offices

3.3.6. Photo Gallery

3.3.7. Video

3.3.8. Success Stories

3.3.9. Careers

3.3.10. Events

3.3.11. Social Content

3.4. University information page

3.4.1. Title

3.4.2. Country

3.4.3. City

3.4.4. Reviews


3.4.6. Contact Form

3.4.7. University Website BTN or LInk

3.4.8. Description

3.4.9. Photo Gallery

3.4.10. Video

3.4.11. How is Admission process

3.4.12. Subjects

3.4.13. List of Scholarships

3.4.14. List of Events

3.4.15. Map of the university place

3.4.16. Articles and news about the university

3.4.17. Question to University Member

3.4.18. Alumni list

3.5. User Registration

3.5.1. Entry Why Register? Register form Email Password First Name Last Name Country you live Gender Interested In Login email password or social login

3.5.2. Confirmation Email of Confirmation Welcome text from our team Ask a question to our staf BTN or link Complete or profile BTN Create an Alert BTN or link Start your seach BTN or link

3.6. Error Page

3.6.1. Type of the errors

3.6.2. Error message

3.6.3. Filter

3.6.4. Blog posts

3.6.5. Social Content

3.6.6. Sitemap links Homepage About us Blog

3.6.7. You May Like or You May Looking For Featured University or Top University Featured Program or Top Programs

3.7. Events

3.7.1. Events List Title Image Period (Date) Specialization (Subjects) Views Country

3.7.2. Events Page Title Period(date) Specialization Views About City and Country of the Event Related Events Event programation SignUp form

3.8. University Registration

3.8.1. Entry

3.8.2. Confirmation

3.9. Study Abroad Guide

3.10. Help

4. New Version - Accounts

4.1. University's Account

4.1.1. Add / Edit Video Photo Information

4.1.2. Manage Users

4.1.3. Replies (Messages)

4.1.4. Manage Reviews

4.1.5. Add Opportunity

4.1.6. Messages

4.2. User's Account

4.2.1. Add / Edit Cover Letter Resume Quick self-intro Photo Add Citizenship Ethnicity Birthday Sex Address Phone Number Email Expectations Add high-school Add University/College Latest GPA Add Language Other Qualifications Registration Data

4.2.2. Programs Applied

4.2.3. Events Applied

4.2.4. Reviews Add Reviews

4.2.5. Wishlist / Favorites

4.2.6. Messages

4.3. Team's Account

4.3.1. Manage Events Events Tiitle Add Btn Quick Search Events List Add/Edit Evetns

4.3.2. Manage Scholarship

4.3.3. Manage Study Abroad Programs

4.3.4. Manage Homepage Content

4.3.5. Manage Universities

4.3.6. Manage Users

4.3.7. Messages