Apple Inc. Value Chain

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Apple Inc. Value Chain by Mind Map: Apple Inc. Value Chain

1. Primary Activities

1.1. Inbound Logistics

1.1.1. Purchasing raw materials as well as storing them in a warehouse

1.2. Operations

1.2.1. Creating and developing products such as ipods, iphones, laptops, etc.

1.3. Outbound Logistics

1.3.1. Packaging of the product as well as distribution of the products to the apple stores and the consumers

1.4. Marketing

1.4.1. Advertising and promoting the products to the consumers

1.5. Sales

1.5.1. Pricing the product and selling the product to the consumers

1.6. Service

1.6.1. Repairing ipods, iphones, laptops, etc. and selling additional parts to the devices

2. Support Activities

2.1. Firm Infrastructure

2.1.1. General management, accounting, finance, strategic planning of company

2.2. Human Resource Management

2.2.1. Recruiting, training of employees for the company and development of overall company

2.3. Technology Development

2.3.1. R&D to research the technology and continue to grow and improve, the products and processes

2.4. Procurement

2.4.1. purchasing of raw materials, machines, and supplies needed to create the products