Use Trade Rules to Restrict Fossil Fuel Subsidies

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Use Trade Rules to Restrict Fossil Fuel Subsidies by Mind Map: Use Trade Rules to Restrict Fossil Fuel Subsidies

1. Stakeholders

1.1. Sierra Club

1.2. European Green Party

1.3. Oil Change International

1.4. Harrison Institute

1.5. The greater world

2. Project Information

2.1. Operating on the assumption that eliminating FF subsidies will cap global warming at 2 degrees

2.2. Major Objective: To create an international regime to adopt and enforce a ban on fossil fuel subsidies

3. Limitations

3.1. Political

3.1.1. Have to get Obama's trade team to take this issue seriously

3.1.2. Have to get the Greens on board

3.1.3. Have to overcome the FF lobby

3.1.4. Have to keep the issue relevant on the political scene

3.2. Delivery Timeline-- the longer we delay, the less useful the solution becomes

4. Actions

4.1. Analyze Existing WTO Rules

4.1.1. Possibilities

4.1.2. Limitations

4.2. Explore the creation of New Trade Rules

4.2.1. Possibilities

4.2.2. Challenges

4.3. Define What a Successful Regime would Entail

4.3.1. Define key terms: ex: Production vs Consumptions subsidies