Your Map to UPGRADE your Lifestyle the Debt Free Wealth Way

Just an initial demo map, so that you don't start with an empty map list ...

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Your Map to UPGRADE your Lifestyle the Debt Free Wealth Way by Mind Map: Your Map to UPGRADE your Lifestyle the Debt Free Wealth Way

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2. WATCH a Video on how to use this map and what to expect as you go through it. Look out for the Budget software (Spending Plan branch) and the software to help you create a Fast Pay Plan to shorten your debt freedom date.

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4. From HERE. Where is here? Reality Check.

4.1. Current Lifestyle

4.1.1. Click for SURVEY

4.2. Current Debt Status

4.2.1. Click for WORKSHEET

4.3. Challenges to success

4.3.1. Your Reported Debt/Credit Score/ CURRENT debt owed/CURRENT estimated Debt Freedom date

4.3.2. Click for SURVEY

4.4. Your resources

4.4.1. Click for SURVEY

5. To THERE. What UPGRADES do you Want?

5.1. Desired Lifstyle

5.1.1. WHY/How Badly do you want this? Click for SURVEY

5.1.2. What does your UPGRADE look like? Click for SURVEY Part 1 Part 2 Your VISION BOARD

5.1.3. Spending Plan

5.1.4. Travel Do it Debt Free

5.1.5. Shopping

5.2. D-I-Y option

5.2.1. Delete Your Debt Click for Credit Report/Fast Pay Plan, New Debt Freedom Date Clean up your Report

5.2.2. Build Your Wealth Increase Income Income Opportunity from home Hold Assets Real Estate Precious Metals Retail Wholesale Save More Be Your OWN Bank Retirement Fund How many years for you to BECOME a MILLIONAIRE? Calculator

5.2.3. Protect Your Family & Assets Identity Theft Protection Insurance Life Auto Health Travel Not if, WHEN! The Morbid Stuff Estate Planning Your Will Trusts Misc. Get a Safe Home Security