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Assessment should move away from paper-based activities by Mind Map: Assessment
should move
away from
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Assessment should move away from paper-based activities

Online assessment is hard to moderate and verify (quality issues) [Allen Crawford Thomas, 16.09.09, 1.06 pm]

Technology allows examiners to quickly compare and analyse answers [Lisa Valentine, 24.09.09, 2.26 pm]

Offering assessment choice through different media can skew final grades [Lisa Valentine, 24.09.09, 2.26 pm]

Technology improves the assessment process

Technology enhances the opportunity for formative assessment

Assessment can happen out of the classroom e.g text walls, quizzes [Christine Davies, 20.09.09, 8.28 pm]

Smartboard tools enhance the opportunity for assessment in the classroom [Christine Davies, 20.09.09, 8.28 pm], Other tools such as voting pads are difficult for academic staff to set up in the classroom [Steve Saffhill, 21.09.09, 9.25 am]

Technology-based assessment can improve retention and achievement

Feedback can be enriched by using technology, Media rich snippets [Kevin Brace, 17.09.09, 1.16 pm]

iPods loaded with questions for self assessment worked at Lakes College [Kev Hickey, 14.09.09, 1.53 pm]

Digital media is accessible [Lisa Valentine, 21.09.09, 7.45 pm]

Examining bodies encourage the use of innovative assessment [Alison Wooton, 14.09.09, 8.41 am]

It enhances flexibility and student engagement [AW], The online driving theory has had over 3 million learners [AW], Online assessment through e-portfolios encourages reflective/reflexive skills [Kevin Brace, 17.09.09, 1.16 pm], Peer-peer learning and assessment is harder to grade and manage [Allen Crawford Thomas, 21.09.09, 2.51 pm]

Some bodies like CIPD prefer traditional assessment [Allen Crawford Thomas, 16.09.09, 1.06 pm]

External moderators are reluctant to accept audio and video files [Allen Crawford Thomas, 21.09.09, 3.03 pm], It is hard to quickly find the evidence when going through media files [Alyson Dacey, 23.09.09, 10.04 am], Problems with e-signature

Online assessment is cost effective

It is cheaper when compared to the cost of readers for examinations [Lisa Valentine, 21.09.09, 7.45 pm]

Online assessment is more sustainable [Matt Gallon, 14.09.09, 9.51 am]

Technology can help gather and organise evidence, PDAs can be used to take pictures, or voice record reflections [Deborah Judah, 21.09.09, 2.42 pm]

Less paper [MG]

Less cost for posting [MG]

Academic staff are reluctant to use creative assessment

The software used does not allow for the creation of higher level questions [Alison Wooton, 14.09.09, 8.41 am]

The quality of feedback is compromised [Martin Hawksey, 14.09.09, 1.23 pm]

Innovative assessment requires more in-depth instructions for learners [Steve Saffhill, 16.09.09, 3.45 pm]

Curriculum design and quality\processes are not conducive towards\creative assessment

Module specifications do not\rallow for innovative assessment\r[Steve Saffhill, 16.09.09, 3.45\rpm]

Programme managers do not want to conduct 'high risk' assessment [Steve Saffhill, 16.09.09, 3.45 pm]

Issues with the LSC and the audit trail

Accommodation issues how do you seat and access students at the same time? [Allen Crawford Thomas, 16.09.09, 1.06 pm]