Communication & Outreach Department

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Communication & Outreach Department by Mind Map: Communication & Outreach Department

1. Internal Communication Division

1.1. Optimize Internal Communications

1.1.1. 1 Internal Coms Standard Operating Procedure (SoP) finalized, endorsed, and applied.

1.1.2. IsDB Visual Identity and rebranding implemented: Rebranding of the Exhibition Room and Guests areas and Regional HUBs

1.1.3. 6 Al Manar Issues published.

1.1.4. 4 Op-Ed produced and disseminated.

1.1.5. Key messages elaborated.

1.1.6. 24 Internal Newsletter issues disseminated.

1.1.7. INTRANET Communication pages developed, and content generated (6 Features Stories published- 6 Interviews conducted- 5 Podcasts aired)

1.1.8. 3 Content Gathering missions organized.

1.1.9. BED meetings and High-level meetings in HQ covered.

1.1.10. 1 Advocacy & Corporate Kit produced and printed

1.1.11. 1 Editorial and publication guidelines completed and implemented.

1.1.12. Publication Committee put in place and operational.

1.1.13. Al Manar Magazine and the Internal Newsletter repurposing completed.

1.1.14. 2 Benchmarking meetings/missions with MDBs conducted.

1.2. Enhance capacities, Knowledge management and sharing

1.2.1. 3 trainings conducted for the Division Staff and the RHs

1.2.2. 1 In-House Studio equipped and operational

1.3. Contribute to making IsDB culture more positive and transparent with clear set of values.

1.3.1. 2 internal communication campaigns on multiple key strategic areas focusing on IsDB new culture project, Leadership spotlight.

1.3.2. 2 Town Hall meetings conducted.

1.3.3. Tailored coms materials produced

2. External Communication & Outreach Division

2.1. Strengthing Strategic Media Partnerships

2.1.1. Strategic media partnerships with media outlets i.e. CNBC Africa, Al Arabiya, Bloomberg, BBC, etc.

2.2. Annual Media Awards 2

2.2.1. Media Awards Initiative: launch the initiative with categories for development journalism, invistigative reporting, and reporting on IsDB's impacts and success stories

2.3. Project Visibility with Country Programs Directorate

2.3.1. Journalists Engagement through RHs.

2.3.2. Visibility toolkit and giveaways

2.4. C4D: phase 2

2.5. IsDB Studio & Web TV & IsDB Connect

2.5.1. IsDB Studio

2.5.2. IsDB Connect Podcast

2.5.3. IsDB Web TV

2.6. SMEs Communication Empowerment

2.7. IsDB Brain

2.8. HEP Missions & coverage

2.9. IsDB Strategy & Communications

3. Annual Meetings

3.1. PR company

3.2. Media & Journalists