Fire Safety Assessment Plan

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Fire Safety Assessment Plan by Mind Map: Fire Safety Assessment Plan

1. Pre-assessment

1.1. Open-ended questions - create chart with answers

2. Objective 1

2.1. Understanding procedures for fire drills

2.1.1. Formative assessment - Ordering pictures in sequence that illustrate steps for procedures.

3. Objective 2

3.1. Understanding the dangers of playing with matches, lighters, and fireworks

3.1.1. Formative assessment - Solving a puzzle with pictures that illustrate what children can and cannot play with.

4. Objective 3

4.1. Understanding how to respond to the sound of a smoke alarm

4.1.1. Formative assessment - Students will practice live reactions to smoke alarm by acting out procedures.

5. Summative Assesment

5.1. Have children collectively make a list of fire safety tips to show their parents. Teacher can type up list and email or print out for parents.

6. Objective 4

6.1. Understanding how to use common sense in the kitchen

6.1.1. Formative Assessment - Children will write a story of how they would assist a parent with cooking and include what they may or may not do.

7. Objective 5

7.1. Understanding the importance of smoke alarms and their battery life

7.1.1. Formative Assessment - Have children make a chart of the dangers and preventions of working smoke alarms.