Assessment Plan for Characteristics of Plants 6-7th grade

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Assessment Plan for Characteristics of Plants 6-7th grade by Mind Map: Assessment Plan for Characteristics of Plants 6-7th grade

1. Pre-assessment

1.1. Brainstorming- Students will work in groups to brainstorm the many functions and characteristics of plants.

2. objective 1

2.1. Define the following terms: autotroph, eukaryote, photosynthesis, cellulose, vacuole, chloroplast, and chlorophyll.

2.1.1. Formative Assessment: Exit Cards. Before students can leave class make them define a specific term.

3. objective 2

3.1. Describe the functions of leaves, stems, and roots.

3.1.1. Formative Assessment: Think-Pair-Share. Students pair in groups and discuss the different functions of leaves, stems, and roots. Then share their information with entire class

4. objective 3

4.1. Name all the things that plants need to survive successfully on land.

4.1.1. Formative Assessment: Umpire: Teacher asks students to name one thing plants do to survive on land. After answer is given the teacher then calls on another student to see if they agree with the answer given by the first student

5. objective 4

5.1. Compare and contrast how plants adapt to their environments: deserts, lakes, jungles, polar regions

5.1.1. Formative Assessment: Follow Up Questioning: Students will be asked to describe the different ways plants survive in each ecosystem

6. objective 5

6.1. Identify three stimuli that produce plant responses.

6.1.1. Formative Assessment: Hand Signals: Students will show a thumbs up or thumbs down depending on the difficulty of comprehension

7. Summative Assessment

7.1. Quiz: Students will be given a quiz to see how well they comprehended all the material concerning characteristics of plants