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Malone by Mind Map: Malone

1. Personality

1.1. brave

1.1.1. goes on trip to Lost World

1.1.2. saved people in a coal mine explosion

1.2. agreeable

1.2.1. even Challenger likes him

1.3. curious

1.3.1. journalist

1.4. humble

1.4.1. doesn't show off about his Rugby skills

1.5. modest

1.6. pushover

1.6.1. does what people tell him to do

2. Rugby player

2.1. athletic

2.2. physically strong

3. Journalist

3.1. sent by McArdle to go on the trip to the Lost World

3.2. investigated the coal mine explosion

4. Gladys

4.1. he loves Gladys

4.2. Gladys doesn't like him

4.3. he is whipped by Gladys

5. realizes by the end his own heroism

5.1. when he climbs up the tree

5.1.1. name of the chapter "For once I was the hero"