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Lockers by Mind Map: Lockers

1. People

1.1. Locker Users

1.1.1. Abbie

1.1.2. Marrisa

1.1.3. People who put there whole bag in.

1.2. Non-Locker Users

1.3. Admin

1.4. Teachers with lockers outside there classrooms

1.5. People who bring lunch

1.5.1. Erin

1.5.2. Marrisa

1.5.3. Abbie

1.5.4. Aditi

1.5.5. Me

1.6. Students who play an instrument

1.6.1. Sarah Shin

1.6.2. Maddie K

1.7. who is taking PE

1.7.1. Megan

1.7.2. Noah

1.7.3. Brenea

1.7.4. Sarah Salinas

1.8. students who play sports

1.8.1. Abbie

1.8.2. Freddie

1.8.3. Jordana

1.9. Parents of students with lockers

1.10. Parents of students without lockers

1.11. Teacher in general

1.11.1. Because I think they can be affected

2. Qusestions for Admin

2.1. Do you think lockers are useful

2.1.1. Sub Idea 1

2.1.2. Sub Idea 2

2.2. Why do you think the majority don't use the lockers?

2.3. If the lockers were more accessible?

2.4. Why are they needed?

2.5. What type of students tend to use them.

2.6. do you think we need all the lockers

3. Questions for students

3.1. Do you have a locker?

3.1.1. Why, Why not?

3.1.2. What do you use it for?

3.2. Do you think Lockers are needed in the high school

3.3. Do you think that the lockers are useful in the high school?

3.4. Do any of your friends have one?

3.4.1. Do they allow you to use it if needed?

3.5. Do you have a PE locker

3.5.1. How do you use it? Just for PE stuff or do you put other things in it?

3.6. Do your parents care if you have a lockers

3.7. What grade are you in

3.8. Are you new

3.8.1. Did your old school use lockers

3.9. where do you put your bag if you don't want to carry it around

3.10. where do you put your bag during lunch

4. Goals

4.1. Talk to people that I don't know

4.2. Set up times with people so I know I will interview them

5. Questions for Parents

5.1. Do you care if your son/daughter has a locker

5.2. Do you think having a locker can help your child be more organized

6. Questions for teachers

6.1. Why do you think kids don't really use lockers

6.2. Do you think lockers are a good option for kids to have

6.3. do you think students who have lockers are more prepared or more organized?

6.4. can you tell if they use a locker?