GFSS Survey

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GFSS Survey by Mind Map: GFSS Survey

1. Suggestion for better logistic support

2. 2. Awareness of GFSS

2.1. Informed about GFSS objectives?(Scale 1-5 Strongly Agree / Agree / Neutral / Disagree / Strongly Disagree / Not applicable ))

2.2. Informed about GFSS governance structure?

2.3. Information source of GFSS?

3. 1. Background Information

3.1. Duty Station

3.1.1. HQ Title Department DPKO DPA Current Office Gender

3.1.2. Field Military Mission Title Office/Unit Gender Police Civilian

4. 3. General Satisfaction (5 GFSS objectives)

4.1. Have seen general improvement of quality, speed and efficiency of support since implementation of GFSS?

4.2. Expedited and improved service delivery to the field?

4.3. Improved support to peacekeeping and peacemaking mandate delivery?

4.4. Strengthened resource stewardship, efficiencies and economies of scale?

4.5. Improved staff safety, security and quality of life?

4.6. Strengthened accountability?

5. 4. Pillars

5.1. Human Resource

5.1.1. More rapid deployment of right personnel because of Inspira and roster of pre-cleared candidates?

5.1.2. Better access to career counselling and planning? (occupational training and career development)

5.1.3. Support staff: aware of needs, responsive to requests, proactive in proving status of requests, solution oriented, flexible?

5.1.4. Improved timeliness and quality of the following services (check-in/check-out, recruitment an onboarding, accommodation, deployment and rotation, post-deployment logistic support, travel, ration, assignment/education grants, payroll, other – indicate)

5.1.5. Safety, security and welfare? Suggestions to improve staff safety and quality of life?

5.2. Finance

5.2.1. Improved financial planning and management?

5.2.2. Better response to resource requirement because of standard funding model?

5.2.3. IPSAS and performance monitoring against KPIs strengthened accountability and transparency?

5.3. Supply Chain

5.3.1. Better match supply to requirement?

5.3.2. Predifined modules and service packages?

5.3.3. Improved flexibility and reliability of troop rotations?

5.3.4. Improved process for prioritizing use of enabling assets?

5.3.5. Quicker deployment of equipment?

5.4. Service Centre

5.4.1. Lighter support footprints?

5.4.2. Greater consistency in service delivery because of process reengineering, standardization and performance management in service centres

5.4.3. Relieved transaction burden, better able to focus on implementation of your mandate?

5.4.4. Better inter-mission cooperation, better synergies between missions?

6. 5. Others

6.1. There is sufficient joint effort between DFS and field in the following areas – Planning/Prioritization/Coordination/Decision making

6.2. Operational concerns? (Transportation, inventory/access to supplies/spare parts, quality of communications, post-deployment training, others – indicate)

6.3. Suggestions for GFSS concentrated attention in the next two years.

6.4. Detailed personal information for further follow-up (Name, email. telephone)