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Neo-Imperialism by Mind Map: Neo-Imperialism

1. Example: Palestine

1.1. WWI, British promise Arab, French and Zionist groups in exchange for support

1.2. Had to mediate the conflicting claims

1.3. Took the area over as a mandate and tried to divide it into two states after WWII.

1.4. Set up the modern day Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

2. Benefits of Imperialism

2.1. European medicine (small pox, sleeping sickness)

2.2. Maternity clinics

2.3. Railroads, reduced transportation cost

2.4. education

3. States with no imperialism

3.1. higher economic growth on average

3.2. Asian Tigers

3.3. Also counter example: Afghanistan and Ethiopia

4. Goals

4.1. Goal 1

4.2. Goal 2

5. Push towards more intrusive foreign aid

5.1. Direct intervention in failing or failed states

5.2. Military

5.3. Complete political and economic restructuring

6. Conlcusion

6.1. Western intervention in the government of the rest, has been VERY unhelpful, we should learn from this when thinking about neo-imperialism

6.1.1. Sub Idea 2

7. Argument against Neo-Imperialism

7.1. Autocracy and Cheifdom doesnt work

7.2. Planners Vs Searchers

7.3. Top down, restructuring,

7.3.1. Destroyed native means of production in governance

7.4. Increased despotism

7.4.1. Gangsters then exploited ethnic conflict to promote own self- serving needs. Favored one group over another: example Israel and Palestine A) west gave territory to one group that another group believed they already had B) drew boundaries splitting up ethnic groups, making ethnic minorities C) combining two or more groups into a single nation that hated each other