Harry Potter mmoRPG

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Harry Potter mmoRPG by Mind Map: Harry Potter mmoRPG

1. Player Interactions

1.1. Physical Avatar

1.2. Locations

1.2.1. Hogwarts Houses Personality Survey-Hard to tell House Cup Can have Prefects and such for moderation Classes Different Classes provide different opportunities Can only take one of each classeonce every 2 weeks for time balancing Extracurriculars Gives Points Random Events

1.2.2. Diagon Alley Shops Gringotts Leaky Cauldron Ollivanders- Wand Selection Flourish and Blotts Weasly Wizard Wheezes Quality Quidditch Supplies

2. Real Time

2.1. End of year house cup, seasons, ect

2.2. Taking classes optional