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English by Mind Map: English

1. Present

1.1. Simple

1.1.1. I go to university every day V1-ch,tch,sh,ss,o +es Do/Does + V1 + ? / Who + V1 + ? allways, usally, sometimes, often, every day In timetables we use present simple. Но при личных договоренностях используется present continuous. The football match starts at 8 o'clock. What time are you meeting Ann?

1.2. Continuous

1.2.1. I am going to university now be + V1 + ing now, at the moment, this days - week, +выражение эмоций (негативных) + always, constantly, evently You are always talking on your friends on the phone! Выражение будущего времени, если точно известно, что событие произойдет, Will не используется!! He is having dinner with Kate on Friday.

1.3. Perfekt

1.3.1. I have just gone to university have/has + V3/V +ed this (week), just, already, recently, lately, for (the past years), since (chilhood) важное действие, начало текста, подводить итог действий за ... (год)

1.4. Perfekt Continuous

1.4.1. I have been going to university since 2013 have been + V1 + ing vor two hours, for the whole day, since

2. Past

2.1. Simple

2.1.1. I went to university yesterday V+ed/V2 Did/Was,Were + V1 + ? / Who + V 2 + ? yesterday, ago, last week

2.2. Continuous

2.2.1. I was going to uniwersity when the phone rang was/were + V1 + ing + выражение эмоций (негативных) + always, constantly, evently It was when he was working in Apple

2.3. Perfekt

2.3.1. I had gone to university and after that I went for a walk had + V3/V + ed обозначение действия, которое было раньше какого-то действия в прошлом after, before, as soon as, when, by

2.4. Perfekt Continuous

2.4.1. I had been going to university fot 5 years before a finished it had been + V1 + ing

3. Future

3.1. Simple

3.1.1. I will go to university tomorrow will + V1

3.2. Continuous

3.2.1. I will be going ti uniwersity tomorrow from 10 am till 11 will be + V1 + ing

3.3. Perfekt

3.3.1. I will have gone to uniwersity by the end of the week will have/has + V3/V + ed

3.4. Perfekt Continuous

3.4.1. By the end of 2015 I will have been going to university for 3 years will have been + V1 + ing