What you think about flipped classroom

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What you think about flipped classroom by Mind Map: What you think about flipped classroom

1. 1. What are good sides

1.1. More practice than theory

1.2. Creative work

1.3. Teacher is only facilitator and guidance

1.4. collaboration between students in any time and everywhere

1.5. this method leads our students to self-study and self -direction

1.6. every student can works on his or her own level (own development trajectory)

2. 2. What are the problems or taking consideration

2.1. Additional work at home for students

2.2. Students can misunderstand the theme by themselves

2.3. Some students may not have a computer at home

2.4. Lack or low internet connection at some students' homes

2.5. Different learning abilities, paces of learning

2.6. It takes a lot of time for a teacher to create a video lesson

2.7. Teacher must do a very qualitative video, it is stressful work.

2.8. There is no guarantee that every student has watched and understood the video

3. 3. what does it demands from student? Student needs to have a PC or other type of internet providing equipment . Self directive and responsibility for own learning.

3.1. Familiar working with Net

3.2. Student has to have access to the internet

4. 5. How could you use it in your teaching?

4.1. Prrelimenary prepare appropriate presentation, according to topic, for students, send links, resours. Video of Khan Academy, Podcast,

5. 4 what does it demands from teacher

5.1. to be creative

5.2. to be able to find new modern materials