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The Ultimate Guide to Cellular Energy & Health by Mind Map: The Ultimate Guide to Cellular Energy & Health
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The Ultimate Guide to Cellular Energy & Health

One of the most important concepts to understand regarding your health is that the human body is a self healing machine.

"Detoxification is the golden key to unlocking cellular energy." -Dr. Robert Morse

Avoid Exposure to Toxic Chemicals

Purge the Toxic Chemicals that have Accumulated

"We are a product of our environment and we've poisoned our environment." - Zachary Taffany

We are constantly exposed to toxins through what we Eat, Drink, Breathe, Put on our Skin and THINK.

The average adult has accumulated at least 700 toxic chemicals - these toxins are acidic in nature

*Onstot J, Ayling R, Stanley J. Characterization of HRGC/MS Unidentified Peaks from the Analysis of Human Adipose Tissue. Volume 1: Technical Approach. Washington, DC: U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Office of Toxic Substances (560/6-87-002a), 1987.

These accumulated and formed acids create obstructions that block cellular energy




Zachary Taffany's favorite products

Addressing Deficiencies and Common Concerns

A detox day (Best Practices)

What should we expect during and after detoxification?