Taming Trademarks™

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Taming Trademarks™ by Mind Map: Taming Trademarks™

1. First, what exactly what is a trademark?

1.1. Trademarks can be a ...

1.1.1. Word Can I use "Facebook" "Twitter" "Pinterest" etc. in my course name? For example, this is Pinterest's trademark policy.

1.1.2. Sound Can you trademark a sound?

1.1.3. Color

1.1.4. Symbol

1.1.5. Smell

1.2. The benefits of protecting yourself early on.

1.2.1. Your legal trademark rights happen by using the identifier in commerce.

1.2.2. You take the time to make sure that the identifier you are using, is not already in use by someone else - saving you the headache of trademark infringement.

1.2.3. Registering your trademark when you need to is affordable and lays the solid foundation to support all the other business decisions you are making.

1.2.4. There are no shortcuts to trademark protection. Follow the path and keep yourself and your brand within the laws.

2. Next, do you even need a trademark?

2.1. How to figure it out ...

2.2. How does a US trademark work with other countries?

2.2.1. Here's an example of the UK trademark filing for Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

3. If you decide that you DO need to pursue trademarking your brand identifier, now what?

3.1. How to make it happen (action)

3.1.1. First, this is what is involved. Follow the USPTO's Trademark Basics Trademark Basics - Animated Versions Basic Facts About Trademark Videos Know what type of mark you need to register Run a TESS (trademark search) to check availability Same Name Confusingly Similar Run a search in the State databases What category do I use? What filing basis do I use? Definitions How to search the ID manual Filing Your Application What happens next

3.1.2. Second, here's an easy-to-use flowchart to help you decide whether to go it alone, or ask for help. If do-it-yourself is right for you, then BIZLEBOX™ is DIY with a friend to help. If you want to DIY, and have me review your application before you submit it, then one of these options is available.

4. Finally, specific ways that your trademark works in the business world today

4.1. How to choose your brand identifier?

4.1.1. How to make it happen (action) On Wine, Branding, and Your Business ~ by Suzi Istvan of Splendidly Curious Seth Godin: naming tool of the year Creating an Intentional Brand Seth Godin: Naming a business The name you use is what the marketplace uses to hang all of your attributes on, so consider choosing a name that is non-obvious. synonyms: quality, characteristic, trait, feature, element, aspect, property, sign, hallmark, mark, distinction; informalX factor Guy Kawasaki: The name game Danielle LaPorte: 3 Keys to Un-branding How to Name Your Brand moo.com

4.1.2. Avoiding Trademark Infringement

4.2. In social media ...

4.2.1. What do you do when your trademark (brand identifier) shows up on social media? Facebook Twitter Pinterest

4.3. With domain names ...

4.3.1. Q: What do you do if someone creates a domain that is your trademarked property?