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'Natural Game' Interactions by Mind Map: 'Natural Game' Interactions
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'Natural Game' Interactions

1. What's Amusing or Curiosity Provoking to You Right Now

You are focusing on the present

Law of State Transference - She will become amused or curious

Bring her into your frame

2. Something Situational or Observational

What She is Wearing

How She Looks

What's going on at the event

What is she celebrating?

3. Rapport Questions

Where is she from?

Where does she go to school? Study?

Where does she work?

Who is she here with?

4. Statements of Intent

Demonstrate your attraction for her

"I thought you were really pretty..."

Sexual statements

"Where is your boyfriend?"

Statements & Assumptions

Start making statements and assumptions about her

She will correct you if your assumptions are wrong

Exaggerate your assumptions

Getting her to invest in the interaction

Commanding tonality as opposed to questioning tonality

Asking her to remember your name

Feigning disbelief at her statements


Role playing