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Brainstorming by Mind Map: Brainstorming

1. Welcome to MindMeister Each section includes information about potential concepts that could be incorporated into instruction. Click on the Notes and Links next to each concept to learn more.

2. Microworlds Microworlds are constructionist learning environments that are used to provide the student with immediate feedback throughout the learning experience. LOGO is a programming language that has roots in learning theory, making it an excellent resource for teachers. Teaching students the basics of programming can help them learn to engage in problem solving tasks that will benefit them throughout their lives. Teachers will need to learn the basics of the LOGO language. However, the basic techniques are easy to master. There are several free resources for teachers to use that can help them master the skills, develop learning content, and enjoy teaching using this entertaining learning resource.

2.1. Microworlds

2.1.1. GeoGebra

2.1.2. Lego Mindstorns

2.1.3. SimQuest

2.1.4. ToonTalk

3. Virtual Reality Virtual Reality environments are an excellent way to immerse students into a new and fascinating world of learning. Creating realistic VR worlds may require specialized resources and a large amount of time. This is a small price to pay considering the benefits that your students will receive. Creating VR worlds and using them to teach your students will give them a learning experience that they will cherish for many years.

3.1. Virtual Reality

3.1.1. Easy Pano

3.1.2. Gynzy

3.1.3. Second Life

3.1.4. WizIQ

4. Hypermedia Using hypermedia and multimedia classroom presentations can improve the learning experience for many students. Teaching students how to create their own media files will have a much larger impact on their learning experience. Hypermedia and multimedia are common in almost every work environment. Teaching these concepts and skills to students can have a lasting impact on their lives. Some hypermedia and multimedia sites and programs may require augmented computer resources and a small amount of specialized training. Once those have been addressed, then you will be on your way to developing new and innovative course materials.

4.1. Hypermedia

4.1.1. SlideShark

4.1.2. Podio

4.1.3. Prezi

4.1.4. Vimeo