QA / testing higher education

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QA / testing higher education by Mind Map: QA / testing higher education

1. test's "as-is"

1.1. 100% quality check

1.1.1. untenable in must industries excpt aerospace some life science

1.2. is expensive

1.2.1. #fail cost cost of the test any cost incurred during processing

1.3. does (in my opinion EP) not cover "real" expectations

2. TQM practices

2.1. Operator / agent is responsible for output

2.1.1. has control over his process

2.1.2. has say in complete process

2.1.3. know's what is expected and what is redundant internal external "tuning"

2.1.4. manages variation through his mastery of the process i.e. the process is variable the operator is where the buck stops..

2.2. "right first time"

2.2.1. no 100% testing

2.2.2. sample testing

2.2.3. "destruction" / "load testing" up to failing point

2.2.4. focus on reducing failure during production focus on mindfull production agent manages complete processes

2.2.5. being mindful of component limits in spite of demands

2.2.6. managing "variation" either by limiting variation or embracing it..

2.2.7. focus on "whole" "kaizen"

3. what is at stake?

3.1. business

3.1.1. needs a future a nice one...

3.1.2. needs workforce good ones...

3.2. student

3.2.1. needs a future a nice one...

3.3. society

3.3.1. needs progress

3.4. institute

3.4.1. want's to be... ?

3.5. agents

3.5.1. want to "add value"

3.5.2. want to go "deeper"

4. the essesence of a test...

4.1. proves "capability"

4.2. weeds out "bad apples"

4.3. is the starting point of construction

4.3.1. "kanban"

4.4. is designed from expected function

4.4.1. what is the functional design