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Technology by Mind Map: Technology

1. First way of typing

1.1. No backspace

1.1.1. If mess up, have to start over

1.1.2. Or take out, fix, then line up agian

1.2. No internet

1.2.1. Session Rule 1

1.2.2. Session Rule 2

1.3. No computer, just for papers

1.4. Had to type slow

2. Old Computers

2.1. Slow

2.2. Very Large

3. Ideas

3.1. Laptops

3.1.1. The new paper thin laptops

3.1.2. They make them faster and thinner

3.2. Smart Phones

3.3. These phones can are mini computers

3.4. They can: Make calls, text, search the web, videos calls, have gps, play music, take incredible pictures, and many other applications.

4. Communication made easy

4.1. Because of technology, we can talk with people in other countries.

4.2. We can share life events with family around the country and world

4.3. We can stay connected with friends and family at all times

5. Started off for calls only

6. Enormous phones

7. No extras (texting, internet use, or cameras)

8. How does this help us in school?

9. Allows students to interact with learning.

10. Can touch and change things on the screen

11. Science and Technology have changed our daily life.